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Professional services

Gem Rippers is not only a great fun Hobby group but we offer PSA submission services. We do all the work for you from using our microscope to check the cards to prepping them for PSA to shipping them. If a card looks like it could get a bad grade we will check with you before sending it in so you don't lose money.

Live "rip n ships"

Almost every night we go LIVE on our Facebook group for our "Rip N Ships"! We get new product alomst everyday and have a great time hanging out and ripping packs for our loyal members! Make sure to join our Gem Rippers Page!

amazing community

The community we have built throughout this journey is more like a family. Our members are always helping to add to others PC's or tagging them in great breaks and giveaways! We like to call our community "Rippah Nation"


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Gem Rippers Store Front

A Brand New Shop!

We are so excited about our new store front in Beverly, MA! No matter what you are looking for sealed wax, graded cards, raw cards, or just a shop to come spend some time hanging out we want to invite you to give Gem Rippers a try! We have created a cool environment for you to enjoy no mater how new or long you have been in the hobby!

If you are wanting to grade cards through us you are more than welcome to drop your submissions off in store and we will scope them for you there and get them ready to get the best grade they can!

Store Hours:

Monday: 2pm-8pm
Tuesday: 2pm-8pm
Wednesday: 2pm-8pm
Thursday: 2pm-8pm
Friday: 2pm-8pm
Saturday: 12pm-6pm (unless at a show)
Sunday: By appointment only

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about us

our history

During COVID-19 we got back into the hobby like so many others did. It started off as just grabbing a few cards here and there and quickly became all we could think about! Every morning we go out and try to get more product for our community and go live every night! We started with just 3 of us and now the community is over 1,000 active members!

about us

Store Hours

We are so excited to be building a community where people who are in all stages of the hobby are welcome and have a place where they can ask questions, show off their collection and just enjoy themselves. Our PSA submission group is growing every day and we are consistently gaining more traction!

Jason Satin

I met Jason in the card world about 5 months ago. I consider him a close friend. His personality is contagious. Never thought Yankee and Red Sox fans can be cordial? Well, I'm living proof that it can happen. Jason's breaks and rip-N-ships are a lot of fun. But his claim to fame are his PSA subs. He takes very good care of the cards you send him. And just like the name they always Gem! I had sent him a Mosaic Brady stained glass a few months back. Gem 10 baby! Got top dollar for it too. I highly recommend using his services. His YouTube and TikTok videos are very informative. Top notch in my book, I am a friend and customer for life.

Lulu LeClerc

Jason Hyland with Gem Rippers hosts Rip N Ship that are unique with product variety from the 1980’s through current.  He also gives insight and education to the product he is ripping.  The product price point is more than fair.  I have also benefited from his PSA submission service in which he inspects and cleans the cards on air so that you can view your card under his microscope to see first hand the issues that could not be seen with the naked eye.  He has our best interest in the grading process and is honest with an estimated grade.  I am impressed with his knowledge and look forward to his live mail days, PSA reveals and rip n ships.  Do not hesitate to become a part of this great group of Gems.